Y-3 Adidas 
S/S 2013 Fashion Show
New York, NY

Artist & Designer: Dev Harlan
Client: Y-3 | Adidas 
Agency: Villa Eugenie
Projection Mapping: Senovva
On September 9th 2012, Y-3 celebrated their 10th Anniversary with their 2013 S/S Fashion Show.  As a backdrop to the celebration, Y-3 commissioned artist Dev Harlan to create 200 foot long 3-D projection wall with an array of 660 skewed pyramids.  For the fabrication and installation of the wall, Dev hired SITU Fabrication.  
The pyramids were CNC cut out of light-weight Ultraboard and then folded and seamed as sets of three.  Interlocking tabs were integrated to quickly attach the pyramids to a plywood substructure.  Dev Harlan then mapped projections to the 3-D geometry and brought the wall to life.