Madison Avenue (Doll)house

Architect: REX
Owner: Calvin Klein

Situ Fabrication provided consulting and fabrication services for the dollhouse store display designed by REX for the Calvin Klein NY Flagship Store. The dollhouse is composed of a welded steel frame clad in an elastic fabric membrane.  Half of the faces of the triangulated form are hinged and can be smoothly opened and closed with the assistance of gas springs.

The form of the Dollhouse is produced from the shift and rotation of 4 rectangular floorslabs which are connected by triangulated faces.  A series of parallel steel mullions within each face further stiffen the triangulated frame while also providing support for the acrylic glazing.  Once the general structural concept was established, Situ Fabrication produced a parametric model within Rhino's Grasshopper interface in order to maintain flexibility over the developing design as well as to facilitate with part production.  The positions of each floor slab, as well as all of the steel member dimensions, were parametrically defined allowing Situ to easily incorporate changes specified by the architect and structural engineer.  The Grasshopper definition also produced a numbered layout of each of the unique steel members. A CNC milled plywood welding jig was generated from the same parametric model to ensure accuracy throughout the welding and assembly process.
To assist with the fabric, Situ Fabrication contracted Sunnie Joh, who utilized both traditional and contemporary textile fabrication techniques to create the seamless elastic skin.